WPI wins first MITRE embedded CTF

WPI team wins the first MITRE embedded Capture the Flag!

The Collegiate eCTF competition was organized by MITRE and had five competing teams from local universities: Northeastern University, TUFTS University, University of Massachusetts Amherst and WPI.

WPI’s team We’re Probably Insecure included graduate and undergraduate students from ECE and CS departments, including Christopher Byrne, Benjamin Chaney, Mert Erad, Abraham Fernandez, Michael Giancola, Nilesh Patel, Tanuj Sane, Caleb Stepanian, Tony (Tuan) Vu and Andrew Weiler, with Vernam group member Thomas Eisenbarth as their faculty advisor.



The teams first built a secure embedded system in stage one, and then to break the systems of two competing teams in stage two. The eCTF went beyond the scope of classical CTF competitions by giving each team six weeks for each phase, making it a semester-long competition.

The mix of backgrounds helped the team succeed in a challenge that required expertise in security and system design from low-level microcontrollers all the way to interaction with cloud servers.

Our team excelled during the exploitation phase by claiming all possible flags on one of their target devices. WPI was the only team to achieve this. The proposed secure system also impressed the jury, since it was the only system providing a full end-to-end security solution.

See also MITRE’s press release.