Wei DaiIMG_1280

Wei Dai completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2008 from Fudan University, China, with a major in Electronic and Information Science and Technology. He is currently studying in the Vernam Lab at WPI to completed his MS and continue with his PhD. Wei’s research interest include security in cloud computing, multi-core implementations and homomorphic encryption. His current focus is the GPU implementation of a fully homomorphic encryption.

Gizem Selcan Çetin

Gizem S. Cetin completed her BS(’12) and MS(’14) degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, at Sabanci University. She is currently a member of Vernam Lab and a PhD student at the ECE Department, WPI. Gizem’s research interest includes software design of cryptosystems, homomorphic encryption, fully and somewhat homomorphic  encryption and her current focus is designing software FHE/SWHE applications.

Berk Gulmezoglu

Berk Gulmezoglu completed his B.S. and Ms.S. degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University in 2012 and 2014, respectively. His research interests are cache timing attacks and side channel data analysis.


Michael Moukarzelmike

Michael Moukarzel completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2008 from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), with a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. He is currently studying in the Vernam Lab at WPI to completed his MS and continue with his PhD. Michael’s research interested include computer architecture, digital, and hardware design. His current focus is designing a smart TPM module for both smart phones and PCs.


Mehmet Sinan InciIMG_20140425_130519

Mehmet Sinan Inci  completed his B.S. in Electronics Engineering from Sabanci University in 2010 and MS.c. from Fatih University in 2013. He is currently a PhD student working on side-channel attacks and countermeasures in the cloud. Personal webpage: msinci.com

Daniel Moghimi

Daniel completed his MSc in Computer Science in 2017 from WPI. He is currently pursuing his research on microarchitectural side-channels as a Ph.D student in Vernam Lab. His research interests are: Computer security, Cryptography and Binary Analysis. moghimi.org