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Homomorphic Encryption

Towards practical fully homomorphic encryption


Analyzing information leakage in the cloud

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Some of our source code is published and distributed under the terms of the The MIT License (MIT).

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Automated IoT Security and Privacy Analy...

Automated IoT Security and Privacy Analysis (Seminar)

The introduction of commodity Internet of Things (IoT) devices that integrate physical processes with digital connectivity has changed the way we live. Yet, while industry and users have embraced the systems supporting IoT, the technical community has limited capability to evaluate and ultimately enforce the correct operation of IoT implementations. As a consequence, software design […]

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WPI is hiring in CyberSecurity – Faculty

WPI is hiring in CyberSecurity – Faculty Position

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is inviting applications for a tenure track faculty position in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor level. The successful candidate will have a strong background in the broad area of Cybersecurity and privacy, with expertise subdomains including Blockchains […]

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Boffins bag side-channel bugs before the...

Boffins bag side-channel bugs before they bite – How to spot a side order of Rowhammer in a benign binary

Our work titled “MASCAT: Stopping Microarchitectural Attacks Before Execution” has been featured on the Register. Once considered the stuff of laboratories and spies, side-channel attacks have become increasingly practical. Rowhammer, for example, is a software-only way to flip bits in one row of RAM by rapidly writing and re-writing bits in another row. Ultimately, it lets […]

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This Spy App Can See If You’ve Visited W

This Spy App Can See If You’ve Visited Whistleblowing Sites on the Dark Web

Our work titled “PerfWeb: How to Violate Web Privacy with Hardware Performance Events” has been featured on the Motherboard. To stay off the radar when leaking information to the press, whistleblowers often turn to the dark web to mask their identity. But that’s no match for a new malicious app that spies on your computer hardware, […]

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SPACE 2017 – Call for Papers

SPACE 2017 – Call for Papers

SPACE 2017 The Seventh International Conference on Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering will be held in Goa, India, 13th – 17th December 2017. Submissions are due June 30, 2017. We are looking forward to your high-quality submissions on various aspects of security, privacy, applied cryptography, and cryptographic engineering.

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